Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mercato di Vetro - Inspiring Italian Tapas

I cannot think of a more clever way to enjoy food and friends than sharing a meal together, literately. Mercato di Vetro is a cool hipster Italian tapas style restaurant in West Hollywood, wich offers just that.
According to legend, the tapas tradition began when king Alfonso X of Castile (Spain) recovered from an illness by drinking wine with small dishes between meals. After regaining his health, the king ordered that taverns would not be allowed to serve wine to customers unless it was accompanied by a small snack or "tapa". 
We are no longer under the king’s command, however it is a brilliant way to try a variety of recipes without committing to one main course meal. Also, the focus becomes the experience & the people you choose to share that with, as the food comes and goes flawlessly without much notice.
Let me clarify that: OF COURSE…you will notice the remarkable plates set before your eyes, but the ‘tapas’ way inspires people to become more connected.
And before you think twice, please look closely at their cocktail list. Although I am not into girly drinks, I fell head over heels in love (madly) with their cocktail selection.  
And one more thing, don't be shy to walk through their glass kitchens, to say hi to the pizzaioli and the chef. If there is one thing you take away from this place, it’s their friendly and courteous staff! 
And if after this feast, you begin feeling guilty for all the lavish pleasures have indulged yourself... dive into desert! You won't get rid of your guilt, but you will end up with a sweet taste of this unforgettable evening!!!

 Caroline & Chef Mateo Rogers                                               Carol, Kyara & Mi

by Caroline Correa

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chilli Beans & Brazilian Designers

Isabela Capeto for Chilli Beans Sunglasses/ Walter Silk Top/ Antik Batik skirt/ Zara Sandals/ Blesslev by Jacquie Aiche/ Rolex/ Chan Luu Bracelet/ Chanel Bag
While waiting for my car wash the other day I decided to stroll down Melrose Ave and check out the stores to kill some time.  After I splurged a few of weeks ago and bought my new obsession, "Prada Retro" sunglasses I got myself another pair of by Isabela Capeto for Chilli Beans
I was aware of the existence of Chilli Beans Sunglasses, but I got even more excited about this brand when they began collaborating with amazing Brazilian designers. This may not be news for Brazil but it is for the US market or other countries that you may find a Chilli Beans Store. There are two stores in Los Angeles; Melrose & Century City Mall.
Now the best part: the prices are very affordable (around $60 dollars US) and the quality is extremely good.  
After a quick research I am very excited there is a lot more to come! 

Blue Man
Brazilian fashion forward beachwear brand. 

Started as a T-shirt line in 2004 by Graphic designer Ricardo Brautigan focusing on street style Auslander grew creating new lines of products attracting store all over the world like Colette Galerie Lafayette, El corte Ingles and other japanese Stores.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Fashion guru, Master and pioneer of Brazilian fashion, best know for avant-garde designs. His designs have been seen on the runways of New York, Paris, London and Sao Paulo.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Paring Art

I love to pair things. I believe it’s a great combination when you can pair the right people, the right food and beverage, and the perfect complementary events.
As Mr. AI (my hubby) was out of town, I got together with some of my girlfriends, in order to enjoy the beautiful rainy night (few drops here and there) and took a trip to an art event accompanied by a fine dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town.
The night could not have been more perfect and fun!
We started out playing like little kids in the rain on the way to the gallery. It is amazing what an umbrella, fun people and your childish imagination can do with a few drops of rain. I most definitely recommend it!!! (if and when it ever rains again in LA).
We got to our destination with high spirits and no expectations. But the Lab Art Gallery had transported us into a beautiful world full of colors, feelings, current themes, sensations and a high sense of what street art does best… captures the world’s raw and naked reality at its purest form.
Beside the very cool artwork, this is the largest space dedicated to street art, so I highly recommend that everyone take the grand tour. The gallery staff is awesome … always prompt to engage you in the art world and they really take the time to give you as much attention as you desire.
We left the gallery filled with inspiring images and vibes… and as the mind was fed and satisfied, …we were a bit peckish… ready to enjoy the next part of the evening!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

LABRFF Opening Night

Last Sunday the land of Cinema celebrated Brazilian Films with the 5th edition of LABRFF. Created by journalist Nazareno Paulo and producer Meire Fernandes with the mission to support and facilitate the audiovisual exhibition creating visibility to promote the Brazilian culture.
 Los Angeles Brazilian film festival opening night at The Linwood Dunn Theater was beyond exciting with lots of celebrities such as Terrance Howard, Colin Egglesfield, Alessandra Negrini wearing Patricia Bonaldi, Marcio Garcia & Camilla Belle, the star of the night, with the leading role in the film featured - Open Road by Julia Camara, directed by Marcio Garcia, staring, Andy Garcia, Colin Egglesfield, Juliette Lewis, Christiane Torloni among others.
The Festival also honored Jorge Amado celebrating the centennial of Brazilian most acclaimed writer who's work has been translated in more than 49 languages with Jorge Cine Amado where we had the opportunity to watch film adaptations of his books as well as documentaries and seminars about his life and work.
My style for the night  - I wanted to honor the attire "gala" in a classic way without being over the top.  I choose a black Issa London dress, Lauren Merkin clutch and strappy sandals by Zara. Check also Camilla Belle Red Carpet Style at LABRFF.

After Party & Social Moments
Official after Party hosted by Ariel Del Mundo at Bardot Hollywood

Photos by Livia Wippich & Daniel Ferreira

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