Friday, February 22, 2013

The perfect Silver Pumps

These Manolo's are the best and most perfect Point-Toe Metallic Silver Pumps I came across so far. Classic, sleek and edgy all at the same time! #needforspring

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Instagram Style Crush - Miroslava Duma

Known as a fashion icon internationally, Miroslava Duma, former Harpers Bazaar editor (Russia) and now free lance writer for numerous magazines such as OK (Russia), Tatler and Glamour (Russia). Always looking stunning, somehow the petite stylish Russian "It girl" makes a statement in ever look she wears. 
Miroslava Duma rocks and that's why she is "Inspires Mi" crush of the week!

Photos via @miraduma Miroslava Duma Instagram Account

Monday, February 18, 2013

TOPSHOP Los Angeles

 Yes!!! TOPSHOP  Los Angeles is finally open! Great addition to The Grove, LA and us Fashionistas!!! 
I did my pit stop yesterday thinking it would be less crowded than opening day, Feb 14, but it was still pretty crazy, maybe due to the weekend and the amazing weather.   
They are sold out in most cool things size small but will be restocking tomorrow so the good news is Tuesday will be the best day for shopping, this will repeat every week as far as I was informed!
At least I got to check out the store and will definitely be ordering several things in the comfort of my home; I just can't deal with fitting rooms & cashier lines...  I really don't mind waiting for deliveries, I'm a huge Internet shopper!
If you haven't stopped by it's a must!  After all Coachella and the festival season are around the corner and it's time to stock up with your coolest finds!

Photos by Inspires Mi

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bacara Resort & Spa - Romantic Getway

Right after our very long vacation in Brazil we decide to take off for the weekend... it was kind of hard to adjust back to reality after an amazing time in Brazil, and Bacara Resort & Spa was the perfect option; a vacation after the vacation!
Some times we forget all the beautiful places and things we can do in our own backyard that don't need major planning.  It's like paradise only a couple hours away from home.
So keep in mind if you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning a trip to California the Bacara Resort & Spa is the perfect relaxation and romantic getaway. Rates are great right now! You can book spa treatments, explore the area biking, take walks on the beach, watch amazing sunsets, and romantic dinners at Miro Restaurant... And you don't need a lot of time, as we did all this in one day. So here is my suggestion for a perfect romantic getway, Bacara Resort &Spa.

Photos by Michelli Buback 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing you all... Lots of love & romance! ;)
Images via Google Search

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NYFW Street Style - Freezing Fashionables

Lately I've been more excited about the street styles during fashion week than the actual shows. The Styles on the street give us immediate inspiration and are more realistic and practical than the fairytale fashion Shows and Magazine Editorials.  I love to see the different ways fashionistas interpret the designers creations and the mix of high & low fashions. This time challenged by the freezing weather, I believe many fashionistas had to make last minute changes adding some layering's, fun hats and furs proving that you can always look stylish even under blizzard conditions.

Images via Google Search

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beauty Tested - Long Wear Gel Eyeliner from Bobbi Brown

Lets start with my last shopping spree, the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner from Bobbi Brown. I got three colors: 
Espresso Ink - A dark brown that I use when I want an eyeliner but not so dramatic 
Black Ink - A very rich black
Chocolate Shimmer Ink - A golden "chocolaty" brown that is unbelievably beautiful and I'm totally in love with it; it looks fantastic on!
These gel eyeliners from Bobbi Brown are amazing! Very easy to apply and soft. In my opinion they are better quality than the Mac ones, don't dry as fast and are more pigmented.  They are more expensive, but really worth it!

By Dani Dorca
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts about the Grammys

Music is everything but at the Grammys it takes you above and beyond!  The best of the best, duets and breathtaking group performances, blending to perfection! 
It seems like musicians have no rules in getting dressed for an award show.  They can Glam, Rock, Shock or just be like Whatf***!!! 
Here are my favorite moments!
Simply loved LL Cool J hosting! Isn't he great? 
I try not to like Taylor Swift but her last song "I knew you Were Trouble"is really catchy and every time I see her performing she seems better and better. Her looks as well, thank God for whom ever convinced her to straighten her hair and bangs. #muchbetter
Can Rihanna look any sexier for God sake? Smoking hot are not the words to describe her, right? Stunning maybe? So excited I have tickets to see her in April in Los Angeles at the Staple Center.
Fun. Oh Gosh... can't believe 2 years ago they were at Coachella and I had no idea who they were... I fell in love with them in March of last year . My friends won't let me lie, I was obsessed with "We are Young", I think I played it 100 times at my Birthday Party. 
Talking about playing the same song 100 times... so did my friend Cinthia Moura with Gotye "Somebody that I used to know"(lol). We all  love that song, right? Well deserved! 
Who was best dressed in your opinion? For me, Rihanna! Not just on the red carpet but also during her performances. Excuse me... Azzedine Alaia!!! (OMG, I loved before I knew and  just made sense after!). Hair, make-up and nails all perfect!
What about the "peek-a-boo" outfits? You see, only at the Grammys you can take those kinds of risk! Please don't be inspired by J Lo and Kelly Rowland amazing gowns, but not  for your next wedding! 
What were your favorites?
Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia
Taylor Swift in J. Mendel
Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello & Kelly Rowland in George Chakra
Images via Google Search

Beauty Tested with Daniela Dorca

Good News! My dearest friend, model and now make-up artist Daniela Dorca will from now on share her talent, love, experience and news about beauty.  I have to say, I'm no expert when the subject is beauty!  I usually find things I like with make-up artists and friends and I end up using the same thing forever until someone introduces me to new ones. Dani will contribute and direct us in what to buy and how to use it.  If you have an Instagram account she has a must follow account @beautytested.
Stay tuned to read her posts!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

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