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Beauty Tested - L'Oreal Absolut Repair Cellular Leave in

I have thick hair and very dry ends and because it is really long at the moment my ends are really suffering. I was introduce to this product by my friend that knows tons about hair
From the moment I tried my hair got incredible! I'm totally in love! Very easy to use. Wash your hair, towel dry and apply to the ends. If hair is really damage you can apply all over, let dry naturally or style as usual. The texture is great, it seals the hair cuticles but doesn't leave your hair greasy or weights it down. Really pleasant and discreet smell. Final result is amazing healthy and bouncy hair!
L'Oreal Professional Absolute Repair leave-in is available in most Beauty Supply Stores, Salons and on line (here). 

By Daniela Dorca
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Instagram Dos & Don'ts

By far my favorite Social Network at the moment is Instagram!!! And I do follow tons of people everyday and love to interact. Every time I come across a good profile I follow it! And the addiction keeps growing.... Its kind of ridiculous the amount of time I spend liking and commenting peoples photos. As an obsessed instagramer I have some tips and notes.  Please don't get me wrong, its just my opinion that I want to share!
First of all, it is PHOTO SHARING people!!!  I mean, it is always nice to read a nice quote but if you have a twitter account I think it is more appropriate to tweet. I think with all the forwarding apps people tend not to open links so type your self the quote, you will have a better chance to be retweeted if someone likes it. I think some times it's fine to post that on Instagram but I've been seeing to much lately.
WEATHER - We all have weather App's so if we want to know the weather anywhere we don't need you to take a boring screen picture. If is snowing, take a pic of your shoes in the snow, the landscape or photo of what you are wearing. If is hot an ice-cream, a thermometer on the street, anything just be creative!
RE POST - Repost is totally fine but some times it gets annoying. I know when someone asks for a picture and not to do the same and hand million of phones to the "photographer" you ask your friend to send it to you or just take a screen pic of hers/his photo but when you follow the same people it gets annoying to see the same thing over and over on your time line. Suggestion - Try to use a different filter, wait to post the next day, creativity friends!!!
SOCIAL PICS - You go out, have a few drinks and take millions of pictures with the same friends and background, trust me I've been there! Them you instagram blast. Moments that may be interesting for you and close friends might not be for the thousands of followers you love to have, right? My suggestion, if you really want to share all those moments, Pic Frame App is your way out. That applies for your repeat moments as well, unless you can be really creative... go for it, Instagram your life away! ;)
#TAGS - #tags send your pics to galleries where other people can see and maybe like or follow you but if your profile is set to private that will not work. The more creative you get the longer they will stay in the gallery. Most used #amazing #friends #love only gives you like a second there. Can you imagine the amount of people #tagging the same thing every second. You can only have 30 #tags and please use proper ones, like don't #tag #Rihanna if your pic is not Rihanna related. #boring #annoying 
FOLLOWERS - If you are not a celebrity or do something that may interest people on its on, interacting and #tag are the secret. Great Pictures + Follow Others + Like + Comment is the formula to grow your profile!
If you do or don't agree hit me with a comment, I would love to hear what you think!
In the meanwhile... Follow me on Instagram @inspiresmi - I will try my best not to bore you!!!

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