Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Day 3

Colcci  more photos 

Osklen more photos

Huis Clos more photos

Mario Queiroz more photos

Gloria Coelho more photos

Cavalera more photos

Ps: I will post my report later, just don't want the photos to be old!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Florence + the Machine debuted new song in L.A.

The concert was awesome!
Such a powerful voice but when she spoke to the audience it sounded really sweet and soft.
 She looked so beautiful in her fuchsia chiffon gown designed by Gucci; it had to be chiffon, no other fabric can flow that way. She would glide effortlessly across the stage lifting her chiffon cape almost flying like... so magical! 
 If you have never been to the Greek you must... it is a beautiful outdoor theatre surrounded by trees. 
She debuted a new song that doesn't even have a name yet and she is accepting suggestions. 

Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Day 2

Reinaldo Lourenco more

Movimento more

Alexandre Herchcovitch more

Cori more

Iodice more

Jefferson Kulig more

Triton more

I watch all the Shows thanks to the Internet!
My favorite of the day was Reinaldo Lourenco! Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and 1950's classics very sexy and yet elegant collection. Black, white and blue. Love the geometric leather cut outs!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Florence + The Machine @ The Greek Theatre tonight

Love her music and fashion!
Can't wait to see what Florence will be wearing !!!


Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Summer 2012

Opening the 31th edition of SPFW  the brand Animale designed  by Priscila Darolt.  The theme "Cote D'Azur" inspired by south of France.
Raquel Zimmermann opened the show; she's been exclusive for the brand for the past six years.
Tribal native art inspired, Tufi Duek; the second show of the night designed by Eduardo Pombal created the summer looks using textiles technology and natural fibers.
Samuel Cirnasck was my favorite of the night! Love the transparency, the bright yellow, the Baroque touch and all the drama that makes fashion excited!
Reserva closed the first day of the fashion week.


Tufi Duek

Samuel Cirnansck

Samuel Cirnansck

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion Rio

Yesterday was my first posting and I am really exited to share my fashion views and news with you all, so lets get started!
Couple of weeks ago was Fashion Rio; May 30th to June 3rd. If you think Rio de Janeiro fashion week involves only beach wear you are completely wrong. The event has grown so much that it makes me really proud.
The posting will be to long if I talk about all the designers so I just want to share some names and pic's!
Our season is the opposite as the rest of the world so what you are about to see is Spring/Summer 2012.
My favorite shows were Acqua Studio, Maria Bonita Extra, Coven, Filhas de Gaia, Blue Man, Andrea Marques, Auslander.
Looks like brazilian summer will be all about fringes, brights, graphics and color blocking!
Bring it on Brazil! Can't wait to see Sao Paulo...

Gossip Highlights!!!
*Lea T, the transexual model from Givenchy who is the new face and body of Blue Man swimwear shared the runway with the brazilian tops.
*Andrej Pejic, the androgen model,  showing his men and women version in the runway for Auslander.
*Rick Genest, also Known as "zombie boy" and the star of Lady Gaga's "Born this way" video at the final act closing the show for Auslander.

                                                                       Acqua Studio
                                                                         Andrea Marques
                                                                              Blue Man
                                                                      Lea T for Blue Man
                                                                         Andrej Pejic
                                                              Rick Genest, "Zombie Boy"

Blog & Bloggers

I've had this plan for  while now, I even had meetings with a web designer but since I am not really good at handling different things at the same time, Coachella and School got me out of track.
In a way was good. Instead of investing big bucks in a blog with a website format I decide to do my own thing, simple but will warm me up if I decide to grow.
Blog is kind of new in my life... I've never followed one until a few months ago and I have to say that I am really impressed with fashion bloggers and how powerful they got.
net-a-porter mag

I would like to congratulate all the bloggers on my first posting for their success and hope I can follow in their foot steps on my way to finding my own space!
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