Monday, September 26, 2011

Lets Talk About Shoes! Part I

Not sure if it's a Pisces thing or a women thing... Yes! I love shoes!!! 
I am 5'10 and modeled for over 15 years and I have to confess that I don't have the most feminine feet. Being 5'10 God gave me a size 9 (American) 10 (European) to be able to balance myself, hahaha... Through my modeling career I've lost count of how many small and uncomfortable shoes I had to wear, plus when you work almost everyday in heels all you want is to step into something comfortable. So besides the size 9 my feet are wide (just like my Dad) and have lots of memory marks!!!
I went to design school for over two years and from the beginning I tried dressing down not loosing my style but I didn't want to make my school experience a runway show; I had that in my life before.  Plus getting ready at 5:30AM and knowing I would have to stand for at least 5 hours 5 days a week; I saved the heels for the weekend. I could never understand how the other girls could control a sewing machine in heels, I guess it's like driving but I still can't drive in heels.
Most girls love heels and think they can't live without them, to help with height. Not my case, remember I'm 5'10! I actually used to avoid heels for this fact... I was always taller than most of my friends and boyfriends in heels and that made me uncomfortable that developed a posture problem, but I got over that!
I still think that a great pair of heels can take the outfit to the next level and make you feel dressy even in demin and shorts... but in reality I need to stop buying so many heels and invest in more comfortable shoes! I really don't mind when I go out at night or special events but even after years of wearing them I have to confess they kill my feet!

Mi's Comfy Shoe Choice

I am on my third pair of the same style. Looks good with everything even dresses and skirts... believe it or not you just have to get used to them and your feet will say thank you! The newer version and John Varvados are more comfortable.

In love with Designers sneakers: Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin and Isabel Marant

I have both! I got them before Coachella they were my festival boots!!! they look great with shorts; stylish and comfortable!!! I am in love with Jeffrey Campbell boots, the square heel is super comfortable and make you feel really stylish. Fiorentini + Baker have been my love for a while... I have a friend that lives in them, she has them in almost every color and she inspired me to get a pair, they are really comfortable but made my feet look big, but I still love them! I love Tory Burch boots as well I have a pair of riding boots that are irreplaceable!

Sure there are lots of styles and brands in the market that I never tried but since my friend Thalita Pugliesi introduced me to Repetto in Paris a couple years a go I'm in love with them as well! My last 2 pairs of flats were from DVF... and I approve!

I wish I had more personal photos to illustrate the post but I just realize the shoes are crop in most of my photos. I will work on this for future posts!
Since we are going into Fall/Winter these are my choices for now. I'm in love with the idea of loafers but still studying my choices... I love Ellin King choice from StylebyKling she's been rocking her new Tod's.

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