Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rookie by Tavi Gevinson

I could never get her sense of fashion, photos, collections of all kind of weird things (lots of people think different!) but the girl can write... maybe I had to be a teenager? I am not sure... 
Tavi Gevinson the 15-year-old wunderkind blogger from thestylerookie launched her new website, Rookie (rookiemag.com). Promising honest, funny, and insightful takes on teen life, Rookie centers around a monthly theme — the first is "Beginnings" — and will update three times a day on a typical teens schedule: after school, dinnertime, and before bed.
The site mag actually looks really cool! Make sure to read the editor's letter!

"Take Tavi Gevinson. She’s 15, and Rodarte created an entire project inspired by her. Her site is thestylerookie.com. I adore her, and her prodigious and well-written blog is the future of journalism." Lady Gaga

no more eye-glasses for Tavi!!!

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