Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Carmella Project

My very talented friend Katheryn Rice is about to launch her line Carmella and I have the opportunity to work with her. Since I'm still missing credits to graduate from school but I am done with all the required classes I am helping her and my self at the same time. My four months with Carmella will count 4 units for my School. An internship that goes beyond my friendship with the designer, Katheryn Rice.  I'm watching, learning and helping out every step of the way, something I will have to do when I launch my own line. I am not designing or collaborating with her but she's always open for suggestions.
I love the concept of the line. Carmella's name was inspired by Katheryn's grandmother; she loves how women were a lot more classy and feminine in the 40's and 50's. Delicate trims and details with a simple silhouette always enhancing women's body. The designs are named after Katheryn's friends... she even named a Michelli Dress! 
We just shot SS 2012 on the September, 19. I would like to thank our models Katya & Allegra and everyone else that made the shoot a success. I am really excited to see the final results. I Can't show a lot of it yet but I hope you enjoy !

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