Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diamond Eyes???

Diamond and gold-encrusted contact lenses.
Forget a bling'd out grill, because a doctor in India is now selling the world's first diamond and gold-encrusted contact lenses.

The extravagant lenses reportedly cost between $12,000 and $16,000 and are said to be "completely safe."

Swarovski crystal
Colored and large eye contact lenses have managed to accessorize a part of the body that typically remains untouched. But for some designers, donning the eyes in larger than life colors is simply not enough; they’re looking to bring some of the ‘bling’ featured in top of the range designer glasses directly onto the eyeballs.
Earlier last year, Indian designer Anthony Mallier created the first contact lenses to feature Swarovski crystal. The lenses were designed as part of the Crystal Vision competition organized by DesignBoom and Swarovski.

18 diamonds set on a gold plate

Created by Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan and Sanjay Shah, the standard design features 18 diamonds set on a gold plate, but the company are also offering customized patterns to suit customer’s wants.
The diamond and gold contacts will be limited to 3,996 pairs and will sell for $15,000.
Shekhar’s contact lenses are not just for show, the gold plate – which sits 6-9mm away from the eye – holds water that is said to give the eye a ‘soothing’ effect.

Would you even try???

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