Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back from Vacation!

 First of all...
I'm so lucky to have two summers per year! I just got back from an AMAZING vacation in Brazil! Almost a month traveling between Sao Paulo, Espirito Santo, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba and Rio de Janeiro; only me and my hubby, meeting friends and family along the way and going thru some adventures! 
I will break  down my vacation into many posts within the next several days when I get the chance to sort out over 4000 pics I have in my computer and iPhone. Talking about iPhone... I got mugged in my home town and they took my iPhone, that really traumatized me!  I'm Brazilian and as much I know how careful I should be in Brazil I think living in the US for such a long time has made me a little innocent.  Yes!!! I was robbed in Brazil at gunpoint for the first time! Thanks to iPhone technology (http://www.apple.com/iphone/icloud/#find) and my best friend that happens to be well and bad related, if you know what Im trying to say, somehow after hitting the favela  the phone got back to my hands in less than 24 hrs! But the fear of that moment will never leave my thoughts. 
Moving on...
I'm skinny but I eat! I mean... I can really eat and I love all the exotic and heavy foods from Brazil, but the problem is that my body is not used to it anymore, lol. It is even funnier to look at the collection of medication I brought back home. #noregrets  So in my last stop, Rio de Janeiro I spent a day at a local clinic with food poisoning. I learned my lesson from last time, so instead of feeling sick for 3-4 days one day of IV and proper antibiotics solved my problem and the next day I was back in the Ipanema sands; nothing really got on my way to have the best time as I'm always learning and it is all part of the experience. 
We had pretty much perfect weather every day and as much I was missing home at the end I can't wait to plan the next one!
Bellow, some Instagram pics just to warm up what is about to come and above all the wonderful things I brought back in my luggage; souvenirs, gifts & lots of shopping! 

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Amazing pics!! Can't wait to see what you brought back!

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