Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Last Day

Pedro Lourenco more photos

Joao Pimenta more photos

Fernanda Yamamoto more photos

Andre Lima more photos

Ronaldo Fraga more photos

My Favorite Show Samuel Cirnansck

Better late than never! 
Well, I began reporting every day so I might as well finish the chapter.  I know it has been almost two weeks but I have lots of excuses!!! 
 Los Angeles is finally warm...I am off school for the summer (catching up on everything I don't have time to do during school), I've been going to concerts, went to a Festival so I was running around shopping and styling my outfits and finally, one of my best friends was in town for only five days.  I can probably go on but I think its enough.
I really love SPFW...I think Brazilian designers are "right on" in what's happening in the fashion world.
Love the bright colors, silhouettes, cut out details, fringes, transparency and materials. So if you are planning on going to Brazil don't forget to check out your favorite designers! We all love to find unique pieces and be asked where we got them! 
I used to model in the SPFW and I knew some of the designers and brands but it was exciting to discover the new ones and see the growth of the talent that I already knew. 
I have to mention and congratulate Paulo Borges, he is "the one" behind this wonderful Fashion Week!
 It obviously would have been much more fun and exciting if I was there... talking to designers and models; maybe I'll stay in Sao Paulo after New Years, since I will be already on that side of the world and check out what next years Fall collection will be up to... I'll play it by ear!
I hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! let's go shopping :)
xx MG

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