Sunday, July 17, 2011

Avicii @ The Music Box Hollywood

Considering a back pain that has been bothering me for days, I found strength to drag myself out of the house to see Avicii last Friday, July 15. I love his music and had so much fun at EDC that needed another dose!!!
He's my favorite Dj right now by far... The event was sold out, but of course when you have friends things can be a "little" different ... Thanks Bere and Dj Avicci him self, who got me and my friend Maura some wrist bands! 
I had a lot of fun but thought the acoustic weren't as good as other places... really? What do I know about that? hahaha, just my opinion. Well... my friend was explaining last night that behind the Dj booth is obviously not the best sound, after all, the artist himself needs to be able to hear! To bad I didn't have the guts to go in the middle of the crowd to experience why the best Dj's play at the Music Box! Its ok... now I know for next time!
I had a great night and Avicii rocked!

Dj Avicii

Bere & I


Anonymous said...

Tim is fucking awesome loove. and musicboxla was going insane he had the place going crazy till about 4am!! Great set and I had an awesome time with you amiga and Maura amooo! xx B

Anonymous said...

It was awesome! :) M

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