Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fashionable Olympics

For the past 10 days I've had the Olympic fever!!! I'm actually very impressed of how much I've watched.  Living in the US you watch mostly the televised games that Americans are competing on but so what, a huge part of me is American now and since Brazil is not present in all sports go Team USA!!!
The Olympics of social media, yes that's right, there were athletes getting in trouble because of racism and irresponsible tweets, but it also was the most fashionable Olympics yet. Many controversy's involving the uniforms. The USA is probably the most popular, the uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren for the opening ceremony were produced in China, causing a whole commotion, outch! For my taste the beret looked to french! 
I find it really interesting when the uniform colors are not the flag colors, why? I just want to know why? It's the Olympics for God sake, that should be the number one rule when designing sports uniforms, to represent a country.  Maybe four exceptions of colors: black, white, gold & silver.  Now my question, why did the US gymnastics team wear pink? Why? Why?  I wish more fashion designers were involved and collaborated with sports brands.
Stella McCartney designed Great Britain's uniforms, how cool was that?  That's what 'Im talking about; she's been collaborating with Adidas for a while, always had a very strong sporty signature in her ready-to-wear designs and on top of it all I loved seeing her attending many events. If I could medal a designer with the most Olympic spirit, the gold medal would go to Stella McCartney!!! She also has one of the best instagram updates. @stella_mccartney
USA wasn't the only one manufacturing their uniforms out of their country... The Spaniard outfits were designed and manufactured by a Russian company called Bosco. With six million people unemployed and an economic crisis choosing another country to manufacture their uniforms reflected poor creativity, another ouch! The Olympic committee said Bosco designed the clothes free of charge, how nice are the Russians? (more)
I can't get into many more details otherwise this posting will be to long and my editor will kill me! Moving on... Italians looked really sharp wearing Armani and their Sailing Team wearing Prada... I wouldn't expect any less from the Italians, always perfect!
Another one to add to the list is the famous French house, Hermes who designed the uniforms for the French equestrian team. Tree chic!
Cedella Marley the daughter of legendary Bob Marley collaborated  with Puma for the Jamaican athletic uniforms as you could see worn by Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man.
 I hope Brazilians get inspired by these Olympics and in four years can be really creative.  I hope we can improve on winning medals,  but our hospitality and fashion looks to be promising for Rio 2016!
Congrats to all athletes it has been a real joy to watch these Olympics!

Renato Sorriso, Alessandra Ambrosio and Seu Jorge at the Olympics Closing Ceremony

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