Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seduced by St Barts

It was my first time in St Barts but already on the top of my list of places to return! What an amazing time... From the unbelievable view from the tiny propeller plane, the charming little airport, and the driving along the coast to Guanahani Resort & Spa. We had a spectacular room facing the ocean and the food, OMG! French cuisine with a Caribbean twist and great wine... Every little detail made this vacation so special. 
The Island is very small and quite delightful.  Sun, crystal clear sea and picture perfect beaches.  Far from the everyday cliches, it is beautiful preserved nature with a genuine hospitality of the islanders. 
It is actually off season time, but perfect to enjoy some unforgettable experiences; you can get reservation in all restaurants on the Island in the same day and the weather couldn't be more perfect!
Twenty idyllic beaches! Of course I didn't have time to see all but that gives me one more reason to go back! Perfect place to recharge your senses to their fullest... Now you understand why I dint check my e-mails or open my computer?

What to Pack for St Barts:
Bohemian and Resort Chic vibe, keep that in mind
  • swimwear & cover-ups
  • sunscreen & mosquito repeller
  • shoes: wedges & flat sandals
  • long and short dresses 
  • hat & beach bag
Restaurants I've tried
I believe all places are really amazing there. I didn't have one bad experience, I wish I had tried all!
  • Barto at Guanahani Resort & Spa
  • Nikki Beach, Sexy Salad is a must try!
  • L'Isola, in Gustavia. The best italian in the Island and the best I've ever tried!!!
  • Bonito Omg! must!!!
  • Le Ti Caribbean Tavern

  • San Jean is by far my favorite! Beasides Nikki Beach making really easy with great food and amazing drinks you can just relax in one of the beds for only $100 euros (lol) and it's the most lagune like beach with almost no wind and really calm water
  • Saline is a perfect peace haven and you don't really need to wear anything! That's right after a little walk to get to the beach on your left is a nudist Beach.
  • Gouverneur is really beautiful!
  • Colombier, I didn't go but I heard is another really calm one.
  • Shell Beach
  • Cul de Sac
Amazing Time!!!

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