Friday, July 20, 2012

Paring Art

I love to pair things. I believe it’s a great combination when you can pair the right people, the right food and beverage, and the perfect complementary events.
As Mr. AI (my hubby) was out of town, I got together with some of my girlfriends, in order to enjoy the beautiful rainy night (few drops here and there) and took a trip to an art event accompanied by a fine dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town.
The night could not have been more perfect and fun!
We started out playing like little kids in the rain on the way to the gallery. It is amazing what an umbrella, fun people and your childish imagination can do with a few drops of rain. I most definitely recommend it!!! (if and when it ever rains again in LA).
We got to our destination with high spirits and no expectations. But the Lab Art Gallery had transported us into a beautiful world full of colors, feelings, current themes, sensations and a high sense of what street art does best… captures the world’s raw and naked reality at its purest form.
Beside the very cool artwork, this is the largest space dedicated to street art, so I highly recommend that everyone take the grand tour. The gallery staff is awesome … always prompt to engage you in the art world and they really take the time to give you as much attention as you desire.
We left the gallery filled with inspiring images and vibes… and as the mind was fed and satisfied, …we were a bit peckish… ready to enjoy the next part of the evening!!!

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