Saturday, June 16, 2012

Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade

I can't find enough excuses to dress-up! Ok... besides supporting Gay Pride and knowing for sure I'd have a great time the dress up part is always fun even if its last minute.  Maybe it was my frustration of not being able to attend EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in Las Vegas. I thought about it for half hour and a few phone calls later I found my self in West Hollywood wearing a pink wig and my new fringe dress... gift from Rack 75!!!  Some times I wonder why I wasn't born in Lady Gaga's body!
Yeah!!! Gay Pride!!! 

 Fotos By Daniel Ferreira

Fun Insta Pics
Alex, Kyara & Daniel thanks for the good time!
Leather Top - Rack 75
Sunglasses - Rag & Bone
Sneakers - Topshop

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