Monday, February 18, 2013

TOPSHOP Los Angeles

 Yes!!! TOPSHOP  Los Angeles is finally open! Great addition to The Grove, LA and us Fashionistas!!! 
I did my pit stop yesterday thinking it would be less crowded than opening day, Feb 14, but it was still pretty crazy, maybe due to the weekend and the amazing weather.   
They are sold out in most cool things size small but will be restocking tomorrow so the good news is Tuesday will be the best day for shopping, this will repeat every week as far as I was informed!
At least I got to check out the store and will definitely be ordering several things in the comfort of my home; I just can't deal with fitting rooms & cashier lines...  I really don't mind waiting for deliveries, I'm a huge Internet shopper!
If you haven't stopped by it's a must!  After all Coachella and the festival season are around the corner and it's time to stock up with your coolest finds!

Photos by Inspires Mi

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