Friday, February 15, 2013

Bacara Resort & Spa - Romantic Getway

Right after our very long vacation in Brazil we decide to take off for the weekend... it was kind of hard to adjust back to reality after an amazing time in Brazil, and Bacara Resort & Spa was the perfect option; a vacation after the vacation!
Some times we forget all the beautiful places and things we can do in our own backyard that don't need major planning.  It's like paradise only a couple hours away from home.
So keep in mind if you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning a trip to California the Bacara Resort & Spa is the perfect relaxation and romantic getaway. Rates are great right now! You can book spa treatments, explore the area biking, take walks on the beach, watch amazing sunsets, and romantic dinners at Miro Restaurant... And you don't need a lot of time, as we did all this in one day. So here is my suggestion for a perfect romantic getway, Bacara Resort &Spa.

Photos by Michelli Buback 


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hi dear
really good reasearch u did on the the best resort and spa i was searching about this and resort and spa finally i got it from you thank you i hope u do like same

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