Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Instagram Camera???

I am really new to the iPhone and the Instagram app and I must confess, I'm already addicted! 
I don't own an iPad (don't really think I need one, but instead I just bought an 11-inch MacBook Air) and I have to say that Instagram was the biggest reason for the switch to iPhone... love how the app can transform old photos and not so good ones into art.  
I was a blackberry believer and fast typer but I'm in love with my new phone.
I've been seeing Instagram Cameras all over the web, however it does not exist yet.  The idea is very attractive and can become reality but for now it's just a spoof!
 Whomever is working on this - Please, bring it on... we love Instagram!

A couple of weeks ago two concepts for a “real-life” Instagram camera rolled across our computer screens — one fake and funny, one real and kind of cool — but we were pretty certain that neither of them would become a reality any time soon. It seems, however, that we’re being proven wrong by ADR Studio‘s Antonio De Rosa and the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.
In the six days since he’s posted his camera (the second, non-joke, pretty cool one) on Indiegogo, his project has already raised over $2,300 of the $50,000 he’s aiming for. If the campaign is a success he plans on using the money to find a great partner and bring the camera into the real world. All contributors to the successful campaign would then receive a “massive discount” on the final product which he is hoping to sell for under $350. If you want more info on the camera you can find it on our original post or his Indiegogo page.
Socialmatic Camera on Indiegogo (via Huffington Post)

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