Monday, May 14, 2012

Costa Careyes

Nature was really generous sculpting Careyes. It is a piece of Paradise... a lush secluded resort on the Pacific cost of Mexico.  From Los Angeles it is only three hours by plane to Manzanillo and one and half by car from the Airport to Careyes!
Discovered by Gian Franco Brignone in the late 60's who is also responsible for building the Hotel and the luxury houses that combine a mediterranean/mexican style. Careyes has only 45 Villas and 45 casitas in addition to the hotel now managed by Starwood Hotels and Resorts.
Careyes means "tortoise shell"s in spanish. The Place has abundant wildlife from birds and butterflies to Coati mundis and sea turtles. Surfing, Kayaking and deep sea fishing are some of the activities that you can enjoy while in Careyes. There is also the Careyes Polo club, founded in 1989 where you can rent ponies and horses.
I've been to Careyes twice.  The first time I stayed in the Hotel and the second time in one of the Casitas; De las Flores with a beautiful view to Playa Rosa and other colorful houses around the coast line... The most amazing sunsets I've seeing in my life!  
Not much happening during New Years...  Great place for family and kids, perfect for R&R!
Our days consisted of waking up late, having some yummy mexican breakfast, going to the Beach, having lunch at Playa Rosa, going to a couple of sunset Cocktail Parties, hanging out in our casita and trying the four Restaurants around Careyes. I was there for 10 days... I would suggest 5 the most!
This posting is really late as it was left as a draft for 4 months... however, I had to share!

My New Years Look
All Saints Dress and Fur Poncho from e-bay
Katheryn, Mi & Maura at Playa Rosa
Playa Rosa Lunch
Amazing Sunset & Art Gallery At The Plaza
Plaza - Punto Com Restaurant
New Years at Playa Rosa
View from our Casita
Restaurants in Careyes
Playa Rosa Restaurant (The Best!) New Years dinner was amazing!!!
El Rancho de Don Andres (Very different, we were the only ones there.  They only seat 25 people and you don't really order...they just keep bringing food)
Cocodrillo Azul (the most fun we had!) Only open for dinner
Punto Com (At the Plaza... cool if you want a break from Mexican food.)
The Plaza is promising if they continue the development of the project.  Besides Punto Com there is a little Art Gallery and a few store spaces that are empty right now.  So no shopping at all!!!! Not even a fridge magnet or a cute Mexican cover up!
New Years dinner was really amazing at Playa Rosa and after midnight we drove 20 min to Cuixmala for the Party. We tried to hang till late because of the long drive and because it was New Years but the party wasn't that exciting... The Place is beautiful, amazing!

Fashion in Careyes
 We all had questions so if you are planning a trip to Careyes don't go to crazy! There is no need to pack to much. For girls bathing suits, cover-ups, relaxed long and short summer dresses, long skirts, comfortable pants (not dressy) and lots of flat sandals; streets are made out of coble stones. Guys dress very casual as well;  polos, light shirts, shorts, flip flops, sneakers... it can get a little cold at night but a shawl or a light sweater will do!
Its an amazing place to relax and do nothing... but that was not my plan... I was ready for some exciting fun :(

Must For have for Careyes

  • Bug spray OFF, they have some in the restaurants and casitas but it's the sticky kind
  • Sunblock
  • Allergy medicine
  • Cash, no ATM's around
  • Flat shoes!!! Cobble roads 
  • Books, films, games, iPad, computer, phone... (wifi everywhere!)

  • Horse back riding
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Polo
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

We were attacked by a jellyfish called "malagua"; after some research we found out the micro jellyfish are called sea lice.
Not everyday but check before you go in the ocean

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I wanna go back!!! Could really use ten days of doing nothing right now...
Great article and pictures!

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