Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coachella Day 2 - Amazing!

For now only photos... I will leave my thoughts at the end of the Festival!
Mi & Re Friendship bracelets by Ale Chueire
Mi & Re
Inspires Mi

Michael Kors bracelet, Asos, Ale Chueire, WildFox Couture  Ring
Ludi, Mi, Rubria, Katheryn, Renata, Paulina, Maura & Alexis

Ludi Delfino & Mi
Nick Bourbon
Nick, MB, Wilson Chueire & Re Maciel
Renata Maciel in Wink
Jeisa Chimanazzo in Lilly Sarti
Ludi Delfino
Wilson, Ludi, Eric Chambers & MB
Alicia Rountree
Maura G
Maura G., Katheryn, Paulina, Rubria, Ludi, Paris, Eric Wilson & Mi
Zara Jacket, Urban Outfitters top leather shorts by Inspires Mi, Rayban Glasses
Elisabeth Mas AKA Miss Mass
Mi, Elisabeth Mas & Re Maciel

Cedric Benaroch

Rubria Negra, Carmella Designer Kathryn Rice & Paulina
Amazing Time!

Want to see more photos?
Miss-Mass Blog

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