Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coachella Day 3 - Festival Recap

wildfox couture coyote maxi skirt, Asos crop top, Pucci scarf, H&M shawl, Rag&Bone sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell Rumble boots, Jacquie Aiche Necklaces

There is no question about it, Sunday was the beeeeeeest day!!!  Finally Coachella weather, every one looked amazing and of course it reflected on their faces and the level of fun.
 So sad it's over... :(  but at the same time, that's what makes it so special. If you can't wait till next year, there is act 2 next weekend!
I love to make new friends and I get to see people I love but for some reason I never see throughout the year, i.e.  Rachel and Doug, Rebecca & Mitch... Now when I think about it we didn't really hang out... 
Lo and Ale I'm sure the whole group missed you a lot, I did!
Of course I never follow my Coachella plans but I'm actually ok with what I did, just little regrets: Artists I missed #2muchFun, people I didn't see and photos I didn't take but at least #iRemember! That's huge for Coachella!
It was so aaaaaaaaaaazing to be in the crowd and under the lights for Swedish House Mafia and Florence + the Machine,  valeu Formiguinha couldn't do it without you!
I think I spent most of my time at the Sahara side, how can you not with all the best Dj's playing one after the other: Afrojack, Alesso, Martin Solveig, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Avicii.
And what a closing show for the first weekend of Coachella 2012... I have to confess the idea of rap music wasn't so appealing for me but it felt so right in that exact moment, we finally made it to the usual spot to watch Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre with all the friends!  What a Concert!
Re, it was a pleasure to be with you in one more Coachella, miss you already! Chef Chueire you rock the kitchen(thank u!), Mr MB so happy you made it and had fun!
 Kathryn & Cia (Rubria, Lex, Maura, Paulina, Kimie, Zen, John) fun times!!!
If you have a great pic with InspiresMi bracelets please send to info@inspiresmi.com 

Renata Maciel in Cia Maritima & Michelli Buback
MB, Renata Maciel, Wilson Chueire and Nick
Zen, Paulina, Mi, Renata, Rachel, MB & WiW
Patricia Barros AKA UMUST blog & Mi InpiresMi
Ana Beatriz Barros UMUST blog
Carmella Designer Katheryn Rice
Renata Maciel, Ana Beatriz and Patricia Barros & Elisabeth Mass AKA Miss Mass Blog
Re, Ana, Patricia & Elisabeth
Rubria & Mi
Raquel, Paulina, Re, Katheryn, Doug, Rachel, Rubria, Cedric, Mi...
My moment Coachella Bride
MB & Zen
If it wasn't for Paulina I would still be holding my Zen Freeman light... I was really attached :(
Paris in an InspiresMi Moment! Check out the wristband!
Dani & Mi
Follow Wiw
Lucky Ali lost & Found
Rubria Negrao in Rack 75 
MB, Rubria, E, Ludi & Maura. How many times did we do that?
Amazing Florence
Rebecca & Mitch
My Partner in crime fun!
Katheryn & Maura
in the moment...
Wilson, Renata, Mi & Rubria
InspiresMi all around!
Eric & Ludi so glad you made it!
carrot + beet + apple juice!
Amazing time!!!

Tupac Hologram live @ Coachella



Phani Kumar said...

The link to the unofficial guide book is right here on Smashwords just for you Coachella fans: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/151795. If there was a way I could attend to the festival..

About this Blog said...

I am so jealous that I MISS IT THIS YEAR.. ALL the girls together.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... You guys look all B E A U T I F U L!! Loved the bracelets!

CAROL said...

I loved your pics from Coachella!!!!!!!
I posted also some tips from the festival... www.thegavlaks.com

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