Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Giovanna Battaglia

If you are a serious "fashioninta" you probably know who she is, but if you need a little help she's one of the most stylish women on earth!
Giovanna Battaglia - Italian, former house model for D&G, fashion editor at L'Uomo Vogue and W magazine Stylist.
 Always elegant, soft, classic and not afraid to takes risks. I love how she never wears a lot of make up... it just makes her whole look easy and fresh!  
Her work is a reflection of her style. 
 She normally appears with repeated garments in a total innovative way, so you can't help but love it, again and again...

Her work for September issue of Vogue Nippon

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Via Los Angeles said...

The inspiration this woman provides is endless!

We put together Giovanna Battaglia's Vespa look! So feminine! http://www.vialosangeles.com/fashionbeauty/giovanna-battaglia-vespa-ensemble/

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