Monday, September 10, 2012

The Burning Man Experience

Once a year, for a week, the past 22 years a city is born over and over in Black Rock Desert, north of  Nevada. Black Rock City attracts over 50,000 people, that's right over 50K! You have to be well organized and provide your own food, water, sleep facilities and lots of other things. When you enter this world a few principles must be considered: Radical inclusion, Gifting, Radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, communal effort, civic responsibility, Leaving no trace, participation & immediacy. Translating just keep in mind to respect nature, kindness, freedom, be open minded, forget about your problems and be ready to live to the fullest, thats the Burning man experience.

Last week I had the opportunity to experience this surreal and magical world of Burning Man that has had me intrigued for quite a while. It doesn't matter how many people you speak to or how many pictures you see nothing can prepare you for the experience. And as much as I know now I think a lot should be left to experience and not put into words. I wasn't planning on going, but the perfect opportunity came a week before and all a had to do was pack my personal things and get there. This is an event that needs major organization since you pretty much camp in the middle of the desert... well I'm saying camping but hold on, there is different levels of camping! Our set up was really sexy! I did sleep in a tent, in a real bed with pillows and confortter. We had bathrooms, showers, a personal chef offering 3 amazing meals a day and the freedom to walk into the kitchen at any time you felt hungry... a massage tent, dining room with morrocan lamps, private club dome with an amazing DJ, bikes, cars to cruise the Playa at night and lots of amazing people! There is nothing but nothing negative to say about Bare Fruit Camp.

So on friday I left my house at noon and in few hours I was landing at Black Rock City in the middle of a Sand Storm... yes we did fly all the way there by BRC Air. As virgins we had to go thru a couple of fun steps and a really warm welcome upon our arrival.
Maya thank you so much for inviting me  no doubt it was one of the best experiences of my life! We had an amazing 48 hours and if it wasn't for the pictures it feels like a dream!

If you ever decide experience Black Rock City make sure to:  explore the Playa, the arts, take long bike rides, dance, see sunsets, sunrises, sleep so you stay healthy and have energy to enjoy the next day, look for classes (I had no idea but they offer lots of classes) and take lots of vitamins so you don't end up sick like I am right now!
Burning Man can't wait to go back!

Things you must know:
What ever you bring keep in mind you will be covered in powder dust!

Get lost! Really, it's great!  You need to get lost! But please have your directions somewhere, on your head or written in a piece of paper.

Carry all times: I had a backpack, water , goggles, mask, extra layer, gum, wipes, lip balm, lotion for hands, sunblock, extra lights, eye drops.

Really hot during the day - You don't really need costumes, most people wear them but just wear anything you feel like, comfort is huge! Some people are naked, topless, complicated costumes, just do whatever makes you feel good (radical self expression), Hats to protect you from the sun, goggles, dust mask, socks (long ones better), boots or sneakers.

Really cold at night - Really cold, Fur cold! As much fur you can take, do it! Hats, Jackets, leg warmers and lights!!! The whole Playa is dark at night so not to be run over by a car you NEED lights. Take as much led/neon you can and make sure if you decide to bike at night your bike has lights as well!

If you have an iPhone there is a great app with maps and everything you need to know, download it before you get there. GPS apps are satellite so they will work even if you don't have service and besides mobile and Internet camp at the playa you can get an iPhone solar charger from e-bay or just charge on your RV or camp facilities.

Leave no trace - Don't, just don't! You don't see anything around, if you smoke carry your own ashtray, collect your on trash in your socks, underwear, backpack, so we can go back every year and leave the dream!

It's the land to be happy, freedom and joy!

Special thanks to Bare Fruit Organizers (for creating an awesome camp with such amazing people), Maya Latinovic (for inviting me and for all the fun) and Lorrayne Mathias (for creating amazing Rack 75 designs), all my looks by Rack 75.

All photos by Inspires Mi. Please if you want to use the photos make sure to give proper credits and link photos with the blog (please don't use blogger in the url link just



rebecca said...

Next time go for the full 10 days :) even then you'll only experience about 10% of what is available to experience! Such a beautiful, spectacular, creative, dusty dream isn't it :)
PS Wellness Formula is the best vitamin to take to keep your immunity and to get better fast. I take it in morning and night and haven't gotten sick- it's amazing. feel better gorgeous xo

Mitch Abouaf said...

Sorry we missed you Michelli. Would have been great to have a playa moment together. Next year maybe?

Anonymous said...


About this Blog said...

Ficou muito show o post!! Amei as fotos :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you have any contact details for Bare Fruit camp? I was very impressed with the camp, and your facilities sound amazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post; "It's the land to be happy, freedom and joy"

Anonymous said...

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