Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coachella Fashion

I am so excited for Coachella!  I'm all set with the house and tickets... I just need to do some artist research and finalize my styling! I'm planning to, explore a little bit more this year and take lots of photos of very stylish people! 
Coachella is about music and with music comes the freedom to express how you feel and fashion is a big part of that. It's usually the first warm weekend in California. Aren't you excited to show of your summer wardrobe?
For first timers think of looking cool and comfortable! You will be out during the day, walking around mostly on the grass or dirt (high heels is a really bad idea), sitting down on blankets or sarongs and it will be hot days! #prayingforthat
I personally like shorts and boots and even if I have a little dress I will have some boys shorts under. Shoes are very important as well... I've done flat sandals, converse, ballet flats and boots. Boots are by far my favorite... with a little square heel makes you feel  sexy and cool and keep your feet clean and comfy! Try not to wear new shoes for the first time at Coachella (first you will ruin them and you may get a blister and ruin your fun).  I carry a backpack not a mini cross body bag or a brand new Celine bag! Backpacks are easier, besides you have room to carry everything you want and  after a while it feels like it's part of you.  I usually carry the following inside my backpack: flip flops, cool stockings, a sweater and sometimes a whole different look for when the night comes! #aprevenida!  But if you really want to use a nice bag #trustme,  go for cross body. You will thank me later! #sabetudo
Jewelry, hats, scarfs, sunglasses (very important!) and hair accessories will finish and make your look perfect!
One of my favorite style bloggers is Thassia Naves, from Blog da Thassia, she's really young but has incredible style... I love everything she wears, she always looks elegant and polished but recently in a trip to Disneyland she was spotted with more laid back looks, perfect for Coachella.  Most clothes are from forever 21, Zara, Urban Outfitters. #coachellafashion

Some other super cool t-shirt looks from Ale, and Kate Bosworth...   most are from Wildfox (click to order, they ship really fast and shipping costs are very low) as well as  Rack 75 (click to make an appointment).  Rack 75 usually has a trunk show before Coachella but this year will be by appointment only!
I just got some amazing stuff from Wildfox, I've been a fan for a long time and I love to see when a line grows in the right direction... they have super cute jewelry, a new shoe collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell that I loooooove and is not just the looks but the material feels amazing!  I will be for sure wearing Wildfox this Coachella. 
But if you are looking for something unique you must make the appointment with designer Lorrayne Mathias from Rack 75, you will definitely go crazy when you see her pieces! 
Below are my looks from last year! 

Favorite Stores to shop for Coachella

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