Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glitter & Feathers!

Im in Brazil for Carnaval!!!  I had a week to spend with my family and heading to Rio tomorrow! As much as I try to plan ahead, everything always changes... not under my control and I'm really stressed about it!
I think I got really excited about my feathers, masks and glitter and I did the worst packing ever!!! I brought two brand new sunglasses that are driving me crazy... They are not appropriate for super humid weather. A beige Persol and the cat eyes from House of Harlow 1960; leave the worst marks on my nose and keep sliding down... can't take it! I loved them in Los Angeles but its a different story here!!! 
Clothing wise:  I hope all my sequined, bodycon and tinny shorts work in Rio... Here in ES I can't handle them... everything feels tight. Who comes to Brazil with only one loose summer dress??? At least I have two long skirts that I've worn 3 times already! thanks god I'm changing States... the only one seeing my repeated clothing is my hubby!
Rio I'm coming... and I have my fingers crossed, hope I don't get disappointed!

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