Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Festival Fashion - Tips and Inspirations

It is almost Coachella time and I am so excited as always! Not sure exactly what I'm going to wear but I have several ideas as I collect cool things throughout the year thinking about the festival. Music festival fashion varies from festival to festival due to the style of music and weather. 
Packing for Coachella is always a lot of fun, it allows you to be a little extravagant and wear things you wouldn't wear on a daily basis.  Last year was freezing and I'm praying for the perfect weather this year, being cold can get in the way of having fun and enjoying the festival. Comfortable shoes is a must, if you really want to explore the festival you will be walking tons.  I know we girls like to feel sexy so if you choose to wear heels pick a square one or wedges. Coachella Valley is in California and that means desert weather, so usually you will be really hot during the day and cold at night so I suggest you bring stockings, leggings, jackets or whatever layer to add to your outfit.
Now, what exactly to wear at Coachella?  Cutoff shorts is always a hit, fun t-shirts, fringe, bohemian dresses, bright colors, tie dye, hats, scarfs, lots of fun jewelry, sunglasses... I believe this year we will see lots of mix prints, crop tops, overalls (that will make your run to the bathroom a bit more complicated, specially if you don't have vip tickets) mirrored sunglasses, baseball caps, fun nail art... just let it loose and wear anything you want as there are no rules.
What about your bag? A girl must carry some sort of bag, right? Or you will be the type to rent a space on your friends purse? I usually do backpacks as  it doesn't get on my way... after a while it becomes part of my body and I have everything I need inside like my extra layers, gum, lighter, lip balm,  make-up, camera, iPhone extra battery, sunglass case to store when the nigh comes, ID, money, a sarong to lay on the grass and other things that wouldn't fit in a cross body bag.
I hope my suggestions are helpful and don't forget to hash tag #coachellainspiresmi on Instagram so I can post your pics here on InspiresMi of your killer style!
See you at Coachella!

Favorite Stores to Shop
Urban Outfitters | Free People | All Saints | Dannijo | Asos | Topshop | Isabel Marant | Wildfox |

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