Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat, Eat & Love

I couldn't have found a better title for my Brazilian "vacation"!
 Well... I usually go to Brazil during Christmas time but my best friend was having her first born so I decided to go now to be by her side during the birth and give her a Baby Shower, but like we say in Brazil "Murphy's Law"... I booked the trip 2 months ago and she was due November 26th on November 5th at 6pm I got the news she was heading to the hospital! To make a long story short I missed the birth.  Juliana was born 20 days before her due date and I made it to Brazil a week later! She's the tinniest and most adorable little baby... I’m so in love with her that I am seriously thinking of making a little BFF for little Ju… ASAP! 
I’m from a small city in the southeast of Brazil, Guarapari; a small beach town that has been growing in a weird way (maybe I’ve been away to long or just becoming a gringa?). Summer time can be fun when I’m with my husband and when it’s not raining as all you do here is go to the beach and eat! But like all southeast states in Brazil it rains all the time, especially when I’m here! The past 2 times I packed to come here I made sure to include a raining cape & boots and its all I wear even during summer. People look at me strange when they see me walking around town in my cut off jeans and Hunter boots but I don't care!
My visit home has been a bit strange; everyone is working, my BFF Tete has her hands full taking care of little Ju, I’m husbandless, got the worse cold ever and it doesn’t stop raining! The worst days of my cold I couldn't even see the baby. Thank God I came prepared; books, computer and since I was planning a baby shower all my craft materials that I pre planned in Los Angeles!  All I had left was to eat, eat, and eat! I wish I had weighed my self when I got to Guarapari to compare my weight upon my departure!  I hope my brand new skinny leather pants still fit me!
From Botecos, restaurants, mom cooking to baby shower and kids b-day food (breaded deep fried thingies and chocolate sugar ball candy "brigadeiros") I am eating like there is no tomorrow! I also found an amazing new place and of course became friends with the owner… it is a must stop if you are ever in Guarapari, "Samurai Restaurant”.
Only three days left...  Hang out with my family a little more, have more of my mom's cooking, one more kid’s birthday, maybe see my grandmother... and headed to Miami!

My two loves! My BFF Tete & Little Ju!

Family Lunch!!!

Bekos Bar... BOTECO great food!

Joao de Barro, Comida Mineira!!! Food from Minas Gerais! Amazing!!!

The Shower I offered to Little Ju & Tete
All the craft made by Mi and Sweets by my very talented cousin Mayara Martins!

Samurai Jardins, amazing place... Located at Virtudes Beach with amazing ocean views. Garden  specialized in orchids and amazing Restaurant at night. Only open Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
I was there really late... last Saturday my last chance.

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