Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Masquerade Costume Ball, get inspired!

If you are invited to this annual Halloween event you probably got the "save the date" yesterday... This is the party I've been going the past 2 years and it keeps getting better ever time! 
With a different theme this year a lot of people are felling a little confused so I decide to do a special post with ideas for a Halloween Masquerade ball.
You can still have a lot of fun with it. Whatever you planned before, if you did plan ahead, you can still adapt your original idea. 
For guys you will probably be wearing a tuxedo and a mask.  You can do a cape with hood, a hat, gloves, props, etc... 
For girls it's a lot more fun, inspiration can come from anything and since you can really glam up, the couture fashion shows have some amazing ideas! Your mask can be a real mask, a piece of fabric or even painted on your face. The mask can be the center of inspiration for the rest of the costume or if you already had a theme in mind the mask can be easily adapted; you can be a princess with a mask, a witch, angel, devil, nurse, bunny, cat, vampire... just anything you want!
Just have fun with it! 

My finds on e-bay with really good prices. Make sure you check where they are shipping from and if it will be delivered before Halloween.

Couture Inspirations

Mi's Tips
*If you want to find something very unique I am giving you my favorite site. Go to  and type mask on the search box. Contact seller to confirm delivery.
*Go to youtube and type the name of the make up you want, you can find all kinds of make -up tuttorials.
*American Apparel has lots of simple pieces that can be transformed into costumes.
*Vintage stores
*Don't leave for last minute!!!

2011 at my Masquerade B-Day Party

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Love the pictures! So many great ideas :) best part is my outfit is done!!

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